Thursday, 25 February 2010

New Shoes!!!

Well I have had a couple of wonderful surprises this week!! Tuesday there were flowers by my door and Wednesday (yesterday) I received Louise Goldin shoes from Topshop!! Imagine my surprise and pleasure at receiving these beautiful shoes - Mr Fashion Fantasist is keeping me on my toes what a sweetie.

Anyway instead of discussing my other half it got me thinking about my professional appearance once I leave Uni. I really love the pinky nude shades and light greys at the moment and believe with my new shoes those colours are the step in the right direction!!

Lots of love Fashion Fantasist xxx


  1. Oh my god! How amazing, congratulations!

  2. I am a big fan of the pinks, nudes and greys too - it looks really polished and fresh. I love the two tops in your looks - where are they from?

    Your boyfriend sounds wonderful!

    City Girl Style xx

  3. :) Thank you! Well the blouse is from Miss Selfridge recently and the grey strappy top is TopShop!