Thursday, 30 December 2010

I Am Now A Superhero

Christmas wishes to you all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. I have never felt so full - why is it every year we stuff ourselves to the seams?! I spent Christmas day with my family in Oxford and I have never in my life seen so much snow - it was magical!I was very spoilt this year with some lovely Christmas presents including some items from my Xmas wish list. My favorite is this gorgeous cape from French Connection.I also a received a very thoughtful gift from my other half - a kindle - I adore being able to read whenever I like and have started to read Dorian Gray.

How were all your Christmases? Favorite gift?

Xmas Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xxx

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Christmas Wishes

Now that Christmas is just around the corner I thought I would share with you a few items from my Xmas Wish List...
Now this may be my last blog post until after Christmas as I am not taking my laptop to my parents... Buuuut you will get a full update before the new year on all Christmas merriment I am sure! I also need to share with you all my experience with French Connection, which will be a mammoth post since I enjoyed it so much and learnt loads!

I will also say now, if I don't get the chance, that my blog will be one on new years day!!! Crazy that I have been only blogging a year and lots of fantastic things have happened - but more on that on new years day (hopefully without too big a hangover!)

For now I wish you a Happy Christmas and hope that Father Christmas brings you everything you wished for!!!

Speak Soon!!
Fashion Fantasist xx

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Ice Sculpture

Bristol is so cold with the snow and ice look at this fountain. The water has frozen in motion and looks like an ice sculpture. For some reason it made me think of some of Tim Walker's work with muted tones and white hues.
Vogue Italia A Magic World

British Vogue The Snow Queen

Vogue Italia Lady Grey
(Photographs sourced
Anyway I hope that you are all keeping warm. Have you seen this lighthouse that has been frozen? It looks beautiful!

Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xx

Suit Yourself

Check out the new issue of Suit Yourself Magazine. Myself and a uni mate found some stylish people and showcased their take on fashion by taking some snaps!Ship Shape and Bristol Fashion methinks.
Fashion Fantasist xx

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Georgia Hardinge Xmas

How beautiful is this Christmas card from Georgia Hardinge?!If you don't remember who Georgia Hardinge is she was one of the very talented designers that I covered during London Fashion Week. They have had an amazing year and Georgia is the most recent Victoria Secret costume designer.
(Images from where there is also a great interview)

My favorite is the last look which looks like little green and pink flowers. The inspirations came from a number of themes : Wild Things, Tough Love, Wish Upon a Star, Country and Game on. Using different mediums the aim was to produce innovative showpieces that would compliment the underwear.

They are also looking forward to the launch of an online shop in 2011, which sounds very exciting and I will keep you all updated!

Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xx

Friday, 10 December 2010

Star Signs

I have been meaning to blog about this sweet photoshoot that was in December Vogue. A star sign inspired edition. This beautiful photoshoot is by Tim Gutt and features zodiac symbols.
I love the muted pastel colours and odd imagery - the giant jumper, large shell and egg shell. I love the softness of Leo and the delicate flowers of Virgo.

My star sign Capricorn is beautiful whiteness and golden hues - What's your star sign?

You should definitely check out his website there are some beautiful works there.

Fashion Fantasist xx

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Made With Love

Have you heard of Elizabeth Lau? A 'Made with Love' London Boutique label with a colourful, quirky and fun design aesthetic.

I have completely fallen in love with her Autumn/Winter 201o/11 collection 'The good, the bad and the kawaii'. The brand has a real identity for the fashion aware, quirky and confident individual.
Aurelia & DelphineDidcott & RowenaFay

For this Autumn/Winter collection they were inspired by the eclectic Elizabeth Lau girls that they have met and also the brand's signature style of contrasts - sweet with a sassy edge, cute with the right amount of chic - perfection.

Lovehearts are featured throughout the collection, tempered by subtle menswear details. The knitwear and coats are definite must haves and will be perfect for the cold snap we are currently experiencing.

"This season I had so much fun shooting with super talented photographer Jackie Dixon. I am sure you will agree she has captured the je ne sais quoi of the Elizabeth Lau style. I hope this
collection makes you smile as much as I."Viola & Dotty

And it really does make me smile! I am also sharing with you a little preview of their Spring Summer 2011 collection video. I can't wait! All these dresses are just perfect for summer!
You can also find Elizabeth Lau on Twitter - A real delight to chat to.

Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xx