Sunday, 27 June 2010


All Saints is not usually a shop I go in to. Not really my type of clothing - very dark, military inspired and a lot of animal skeletons. However whilst trying to find an unusual ball dress for my sister I came across theses Poseidon dresses and I have to say I have fallen in love with the print.

It features drawn flowers, coloured birds wearing jewelry and military style helmets. I prefer the white background to the black and you can see the detail so much more. The cut of the dress is really interesting as well - drape and structure - Yum!

Hope you have had a lovely weekend! Fashion Fantasist xx

Friday, 25 June 2010

Love or Hate?

Anarchy Multi Buckle Wedges in Grey and Cream
I personally love these boots but I think my feet may be too narrow for them... When I next pop in to Topshop I will try them on.

But what are your thoughts? Love or hate?

Fashion Fantasist xx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Degree Show

Well the degree show indicates the end of everything. All our hard work is over and now it is the next big step...... careers and jobs in the big wide world! Hopefully I will still post fashion related things over the summer - I will hopefully go to some exhibits, do some more outfit posts and keep you up to date with any design work I do!

However I had a lovely afternoon yesterday manning the exhibit - got told by some lovely little old ladies how talented I was and how they would wear my stuff! hehe! At least someone wants to wear it - how sweet! :)

Much Love Fashion Fantasist xx

Friday, 18 June 2010

White out

Yesterday helped set up the degree show.... This meant freshening up the room with white paint and stapling calico to the sides.... Exhausting and got absolutely covered! Good laugh though and we made fun of models on a catwalk made from bubble wrap - noisy!

Splattered Jeans are bound to make a come back now hehe!
Much Love Fashion Fantasist x

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tops Please!!

Frilled Vest Top - McQueen
Clemence Top in Whisper Blue
Jersey draped t-shirt
Edun beaded silk waistcoat
Frilled sleeve top
and Prada Sandals....

Thanks to Polyvore I am now lusting after some new tops.... and some Prada sandals! *I wish* Thought I would break up the articles about Graduate Fashion with a good old outfit post. Enjoy

Speak Soon

Fashion Fantasist xx

It's Here!!

My website is live!!!! :) Please check it out!!

Much Love Fashion Fantasist xx

Monday, 14 June 2010

U.W.E Cont....

Jessie Potter - Fun, colourful, jumble of lovelyness. Jessie Potter has taken inspiration from hording and collecting.
Oana Balan - Menswear design with bright colourful prints and strange 3d faces emerging from the garments.
Heledd Jarman - Knitwear inspired by bids with a very sporty element. My favorite piece is the greyish blue slouched dress with long hooded cardigan.
Holly Bryant - body con knitted dresses and all in ones. Black with flashes of bright colour and chains.
Jessica Hart - This collection makes me happy every time I see it. Bright colourful cartoony prints featuring bows, necklaces and clocks. Accessorised with large necklaces and bows.

Stuart Howse - Skin tight Lycra, sparkles, distorted knit shapes - what more can I say Mr Howse's collection is bold and beautiful!
Camilla Probert - This collection is stylish and chic. Beautiful red and my favorite piece the camel coloured cocoon coat.

So there you go - two loooooong posts about UWE GFW fashion show! I hope you have enjoyed!

Speak soon Fashion Fantasist xxx

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This is a very difficult post to put together as it is impossible not to be bias! This is my university and these are my friends. So instead of only showing you my favs I am going to share the whole show with you! hehe! :) This will be a very image heavy post and I apologise and will try and inject text where I can :)
Rachael Ward - Minimalism, black, sleek. Favorite piece a pair of trousers with welt pocket slits at the knees.
Emma Bergamin Davys - a really striking collection with a wonderful pleated velvet cape and interesting hats.
Emily Warren - black, leather, latex, feathers and hair - may sound a tad gruesome but an amazingly chic collection with body con shapes.
Georgina Kitchen - Interesting architectural shapes. Favorite piece has to be the body con, cut out, panelled mini dress!!
Laura Watson - a really beautiful menswear collection. It was effortlessly cool and obviously very comfortable for the models as they walked down the catwalk.
Amy Tibbs - a favorite of mine with beautiful cream, white, charcoal and grey colours.
Amber Hards - A wonderful knitted collection inspired by Jelly Fish. Frothy folds created by nylon mono-filament and Lycra knitted together.
Charlie May - a collection in muted stone and nude tones, inspired by decay. Favorite piece has to be the stone grey trousers with pockets at the side.
Alexxsia Elizabeth - lace, laser cut, strips of jersey, feathers and body con.

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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Edinburgh College of Art

Sorry I meant to post this yesterday! Too much football! Will try and make up for this and do two posts today...

Anastasia Arden-Maccabee opened the show with delightful crayola pastels. Still loving pastels at the moment and Anastasia's were perfect hues. The shapes were interesting and looked like manipulated shirts.
Eliza Borkowska's collection looked almost space aged to me. With clean white pieces made of stiff paper like fabric worked over ridges and peaks. Subtle muted gold and light blue hues complimented this collection.
Jett Sweeny had a very striking collection with fluid gold fabric contrasted with tailored shifts with metallic eyelets and hair.
My favorite pieces from this collection was this gold capped sleeve dress and the black shift dress. I really like the shapes the eyelets create and how they draw the eye around the body.

The words I noted down whilst watching Emma Rockett's collection come down the catwalk was Toffs on acid, playing polo and boating. Traditional garments were given a real zing with neon brights complimented by inverted boaters.
Sally Hansen then offered a very different collection from the one previous. Muted worn tones, garments with rips and sweet florals.

My favorite pieces were the coats - they looked so cosy! Could imagine them with a chic pair of jeans and heeled boots come winter. Effortlessly beautiful collection.
Another very warm and cosy collection was Louise Holsgrove. Checks, furs, velvet and a gorgeous mixture of graphic prints. Really lovely, wearable, slouchy pieces in muted tones with dashes of bright yellow, red and blue.

This dress ^ was my favorite - the print really does it for me - really interesting!

I really enjoyed this show - Well done Edinburgh!!

Speak Soon Fashion Fantasist xx

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