Wednesday, 29 September 2010

David Longshaw SS11

Me - It's not like as an adult you can have a top with a cat on it. That (the dress above) is a chic, grown up, edgy version...
David - And you must consider what a cat on your tshirt means...
Me - It means I love cats... and maybe I have 50 or so at home.
David - ... and I smell of cat... and dead cat... as I have so many cats I can't find it....
Me - ummmm I think you took it too far.
David - (looks bashful) I always take it too far!

I think David Longshaw's imagination runs away with him, which I don't think is a bad thing at all - after all it is his story's that spring board his collections.

His Spring Summer 2011 does not disappoint - 'Well basically there is a bunch of hoodlums...' these female hoodies decide to go on a day trip to a stately home. But it is closed so they break in. They planned to perform petty crime and vandalism but instead are drawn in by opulent garments. They decide to dress up...This story influences the prints through the collection - the girl with two fags wearing a ruff and feathers and pug dogs. Feathers and subtle frills, prints of dogs and smoking girls all come together in beautiful hues of blue and purple. As well as illustration prints there are interesting 3D textures of feathers and knit by Lily Hibbert.The silhouette was inspired by sportswear - remember what 'hoodlums' usually wear... I really like the relaxed but structured nature of the pieces. I am very drawn in by the colours used.Kirsty Ward, in another collaboration, has designed the jewellery. Hardware with lilac and blue felt folds - again remember the 'bling bling' usually supported by 'hoodlums'...I really like this collection and the story behind it - I hope you do to! David will be exhibiting in Paris with Vauxhall Fashion Scout - if you get the chance to chat to him - do!

To see some lookbook images head to the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Blog.

Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xx

Mary Katrantzou SS11

Back to the delights of London Fashion Week... Did I mention I am a novice!?

Well going in and out of the Newgen huts I got to see Mary Katrantzou's collection up close and personal. I think I fell in love a little bit. The colours, the detail, the photographic quality of the prints. For me personally it was perfection!
(This dress is called Serendipity and I think it's my Favorite!)

The inspiration was interiors and each print was made up of different rooms - dining rooms, foyers, sitting rooms, patios - it was lovely to see symmetrical details like flowers and chairs. The prints came first but with the pattern cutting interior objects just lent themselves to the silhouette - lamps, curtain drapes, fringes and pelmets. I really like the whimsy of the lampshade skirts there is something innocent and playful about it. Chandelier necklaces and fringes of beads also added a very literal touch that just made it strangely elegant.As you can probably tell I could probably rave about this collection for ever - if I could have put something on and run away in it I think I would have given it a go... And not just the one thing... Gabby in Desperate Housewives style... (Watch clip to understand the reference!) Unfortunately I didn't go to the show but here are some pictures from Soon!
Fashion Fantasist xx

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

One Hundred

This is my 100th post!!! Gosh!!! I am going to be very selfish and have a blog post dedicated to myself... It was suggested to me that I do 100 posts that have changed me but I still have some posts that I am very excited about yet to go up so I think once my blog has turned one I will celebrate its loveliness!

For now I will share with you some general portfolio pages that I have pulled out... I apologise this will be a very image heavy post... Recently I have got very excited and inspired and have started to design again so hopefully when I have some money I will be able to make some new things to show you. But for the time being please feel free to browse and also you can head over to my website.Apologies again for the amount of scrolling down you may of had to do for this post but I hope some of the images have interested you. These projects are a mixture from my university BA and HND work. Since London Fashion Week I have felt really inspired and have picked up my pencil again and have started designing - I will hopefully start to make some samples soon too. I was inspired in particular by Kirsty Ward's womenswear collection and Georgia Hardinge's use of 3D and 2D... I will leave it there but will hopefully have something to show you in the near future.

Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xx

Monday, 27 September 2010

Georgia Hardinge

Back to the wonderful talent I found at London Fashion Week. You can tell I am a novice to the event - probably much too excited about everything that was there. But saying that I do hope you find some of what I have found as interesting as I did!

I came across these designs at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and Somerset House by Georgia Hardinge. What initially drew me in was the beautiful grey digital print. I like to create illusions of folded fabric through my print designs and I originally thought these prints were the same - I was corrected - they are photographs of sculpture, which I can now see but I love how elegant and fluid the lines are.The whole collection has a beautiful mix of 3D and 2D textile applications. Frothy folds and structure with a muted colour palette with an injection if bright yellow. This collection really has everything that I adore.Another aspect of this collection I like is the mixture of opaque and transparent - in particular see through trousers (That outfit is amazing - the sleeves!) I do really love this collection - the mixture of fluidity and structure really works.

Fashion Fantasist xx