Thursday, 20 May 2010

What to wear to a fashion show?

Hello! Well today I am trying to decide what to wear to my fashion show... There are two shows and I would quite like to wear two different outfits - here is one definite decision whether this is the evening or afternoon show.... Will maybe have a look in town tomorrow afternoon and see if anything catches my eye!
Will keep you posted
Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. that look is fantastic, not too much and not too little! the shoes are sick! hehe great choice!

  2. They were definately killer shoes - by the end of the day - ouch!! hehe! in the end wore a little pink dress all day and those shoes - i did have another dress but no time to change!! amazing day - am exhausted! will post some pics soon!!! :) :) :) xxxx

  3. your heels are beautiful! thanks for having us at the fashion show, sam is meant to email me the pics soon! i'll get them up


  4. No problem :) Look forward to seeing the write up! Thank you for coming and liking my shoes :) It was great to meet you! xxxx