Sunday, 10 April 2011

Pull Yourself Together

This is something I plan to do in regards to this blog because I have been negligent and I am sorry!!!

But on a brighter note I would like to talk more about Pippa Stewart who's collections were featured in the Fairwear Fashion Show in March. I was able to catch up with Pippa and find out about the inspirations behind her collection 'Pull Yourself Together' and 'Operculum' created with Ashleigh McPherson and her views on fairtrade. 'My inspiration for 'Pull Yourself Together' was a number of things, first of all, over the summer of 2010 I was obsessed with the film 'An Education' by Lone Schervig. I particularly loved a scene in which the main character took a trip to Paris, the dress she was wearing was so sophisticated and feminine. I also have a passion for Vintage clothing and fabric, which i tend to collect from local charity shops whenever I have time to spare. So when i came across the floral fabric (featured within the collection), that teamed with a visit to David Austen Roses LTD in Brighton-inspired a 1950'sesque look for the 'Pull Yourself Together' collection. The collection I did with Ashleigh was the 'Operculum Collection' in which a group of six designers teamed together and focused on various areas of the collection. Operculum was inspired by garments from the era of World War 1 and the Women's Land Army, then mixed with a contemporary feel. The idea of the collection was to be based on classic designs, sustainable and interchangeable, with detachable collars and buttons. Each garment was to be treasured by its wearer in the way garments would have been in World War 1. As a group we disagreed with the issues of commercial highstreet shops generating 'disposable' clothing that is worn a few times and then thrown away.For Operculum we used 100% cottons and silk habotai all Fairtrade and we aimed to use wools found from local Alpaca farms in the West Country. The actual patterns for the garments hardly created any wastage and if there was any to spare after, the off-cuts were turned into gaiters and collars. All the embroidery throughout the collection is 100% sustainable by Gunold, who use renewable resources to create their range of embroidery threads.

I feel Fairtrade is very important because it generates better working conditions and fair terms for local farmers who produce cotton and other materials for the Fashion Industry. It also creates sustainability within local communities and that's why its important to be sustainable within fashion. With all the fabrics, patterns, trims and clothes found sat and unused in charity shops, why should we use even more energy and resources creating something new when we haven't even utilized the mass of resources we already have.'

I think these collections are both lovely and I really admire Pippa's thoughts on Fairtrade. I will definitely be keeping an eye open for what Pippa and Ashleigh do next!

Pippa has two blogs one for Pull Yourself Together and the other for Operculum.

I promise to have more frequent posts and I have a couple lined up soon!!

Best wishes,
Fashion Fantasist xx

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