Sunday, 10 July 2011

Love it, Wear it, Share it.

My Street Chic has launched in Bristol. After a megally stressful day I was unable to unwind at the Launch Party on 16th June at the Big Chill Bar but I heard that it was a great success and I am very excited about the concept of the website.
(The girls (left to right) student fashion ambassadors Grace Wakefield and Georgina Puddephatt, Editor Gina Dyer, Staff Writer Sian Hogan, student fashion ambassadors Grace Currie and Parul Matlib)
(The team from Robin James accept their certificate for setting the world record for topknot hairstyles. Staff Writer Sian Hogan, Robin James Salon Manager Lucy Castle, Robin James Creative Director Javier Encina, Robin James himself, Editor Gina Dyer.)

" is ‘the online fashion community that’s right up your street’, looking at how real women are wearing the latest street, fashion and beauty trends.

We’ll cover styles on a localised basis – so you can see what people where you live are wearing and how to adapt the look for yourself.

The site has launched with Bristol as its pilot city and will later be rolled out to other cities."

It is very exciting to have Bristol as the pilot city as there is so much buzz surrounding it now with indy boutiques and designers cropping up all over. The website combines insightful editorial coverage as well as user generated content and interactive features. Its aim is to put real women at the centre of determining what's hot in fashion. It is a platform to see how real people on your high street are wearing the latest trends and offers tips on how to make the looks work for you.

So watch out Bristol - put your best fashion foot forward when you step outside because you never know when the My Street Chic team may be there to snap your picture. They were recently at St Paul's carnival last weekend and there are some lovely photographs of a whole range of summer styles.

Best wishes,
Fashion Fantasist xx

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  1. looks and sounds like a fabulous idea! need to have a look! xoxo

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