Friday, 26 March 2010

Shoes Shoes Shoes!!

Starting to think of styling for the fashion show and shoes are a key component that I need to think about!!! So here is a selection... Do you have any favorites? Personally am very drawn to number 3 very sweet but edgy... Am looking for some nude pairs so if any one has any suggestions of sites which have cheapish shoes of similar styles don't hesitate to offer some insight!! :)
I will do a proper post soon with my line up!! :) Had a toile crit yesterday and it went quite well - touch wood!!
Lots of Love Fashion Fantasist xxx


  1. yeah 3 is cool, i also like number 5, think that fits in well with your collection! i think i am looking for something similar but maybe a bit more chunky booty version of number 3! xx

  2. My fave out of the bunch is number 3 also. Good luck with your fashion show!! xx