Saturday, 20 March 2010

Thoughts of Joseph and Anatase

The Founder of the fashion label 'Joseph' died last Wednesday 17th march 2010. He sold the company five years ago but still acted as the creative director for a short while after the sale. Nicholas Foulkes, author of Last of the Dandies, said: "With his tousled hair, slightly mischievous smile and cigar, Joseph was a true Londoner even though he never shed his French accent. I believe that Joesph will come to be regarded as one of the handful of men who shaped London taste in the last quarter of the century and who helped to establish chic London today." This quote and the rest of the article can be found here.
Whilst looking on the 'Joseph' website I came across this collaboration with Charles Antastase.

Really love this T-Shirt and studded cardigan combination!! So I had a browse on Polyvore and played around with a few of Charles Anatase's pieces :)
White Giraffe Print T-Shirt
Short Skirt Vanilla
Cat T-Shirt
Zebra Brooch
Giraffe Brooch
Personally I think they are adorable!!
Much love Fashion Fantasist xxx

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