Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Adore Dujour Magazine?!






Dujour Magazine are giving the public the chance to chose their next cover... So get voting!! There is also a chance to win a Dujour Goody Bag if you manage to guess the theme of the issue - Check it out Here.

Personally am really drawn to number one and number three. One is very beautiful with a real edge and three is just so pure. Anyway let them know what you think! Voting closes Monday!!

Happy Voting!!!

Much Love Fashion Fantasist xxx

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  1. uh... helllo... #3!!!

  2. Gorgeous seashell innocent pictures. Love 1 and 4, there's something about that serene, sloe-eyed beauty in a midriff top that is just breathtaking.

  3. Hey!!! I think number 2!!! nothing like a bit of a leotard!!! really beautiful and innocent! x

  4. Hehe! Hello everyone thank you for voting! Like I said I am fond of number one and three, I think the theme could possible innocence, purity, or summer! xx