Monday, 26 April 2010

Tapestry Waistcoat

Thank you to my Wonderful Mum for helping me out by hand stitching the tapestry panels of my waistcoat!!! An absolute star, hope I do them justice!! I designed them, hope you like! :)
Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. wow, that must have been lots of work, i guess! ;)

  2. Just saw this hand work, which I absolutely love. Art, and fashion. Would love to see photos of this. Just blogged about an artist doing needle work, classic technique, but something very different. Very very fascinated. Well, I've always been in love with waistcoats, especially the unexpected Dolce & Gabbana collection years ago of waistcoats in fabulous mens suiting combined with chiffon skirts caught up with flowers, like a half-mad waif but gaspingly beautiful.

  3. Very cool. How do you have the patience though? I get bored after about 5 minutes of (unsucessfully) using my machine.

    Cute blog, you're very talented.


  4. Thank you everyone... Well I cannot take the praise for being patient gave it to my lovely Mum who has done this in her spare time! :) However I do find that and beading quite enjoyable as you can do it whilst chilling.

    In New York Paris Tomorrow - you will hopefully see some photographs of the finished garment soon!! :)

    Platform Princess - thank you for the compliment glad you like my blog :)

    Best Wishes Fashion Fantasist xxx