Friday, 10 December 2010

Star Signs

I have been meaning to blog about this sweet photoshoot that was in December Vogue. A star sign inspired edition. This beautiful photoshoot is by Tim Gutt and features zodiac symbols.
I love the muted pastel colours and odd imagery - the giant jumper, large shell and egg shell. I love the softness of Leo and the delicate flowers of Virgo.

My star sign Capricorn is beautiful whiteness and golden hues - What's your star sign?

You should definitely check out his website there are some beautiful works there.

Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. I love this too, it’s just beautiful! My star sign's Taurus (or Aries...I'm on the cusp), but my favourite’s got to be Virgo, it reminds me of the flower fairy books I loved as a child.

  2. love this....
    sagitarius its so fantastic...(my sign)LOL

  3. This is such a beautiful concept! I'm a Libra, and I absolutely love what they did for my star sign. It's a new way to approach balance, considering balance usually equates to that balance symbol in law and justice. :D

    x Carla