Monday, 27 September 2010

Georgia Hardinge

Back to the wonderful talent I found at London Fashion Week. You can tell I am a novice to the event - probably much too excited about everything that was there. But saying that I do hope you find some of what I have found as interesting as I did!

I came across these designs at Vauxhall Fashion Scout and Somerset House by Georgia Hardinge. What initially drew me in was the beautiful grey digital print. I like to create illusions of folded fabric through my print designs and I originally thought these prints were the same - I was corrected - they are photographs of sculpture, which I can now see but I love how elegant and fluid the lines are.The whole collection has a beautiful mix of 3D and 2D textile applications. Frothy folds and structure with a muted colour palette with an injection if bright yellow. This collection really has everything that I adore.Another aspect of this collection I like is the mixture of opaque and transparent - in particular see through trousers (That outfit is amazing - the sleeves!) I do really love this collection - the mixture of fluidity and structure really works.

Fashion Fantasist xx

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