Friday, 15 October 2010

Sara Bro-Jorgensen

Now you know me I am partial to a bit of trompe l'oeil and that is what initially drew me in to Sara Bro-Jorgensen's collection. A floaty black garment with a graphic image of a trench coat cinched at the waist.The collection is a mixture of black and white inspired by photography. Print and knit create layering and the silhouette is sleek, streamlined and modern. Soft layers of opaque and sheer fabric creates depth in a monotone colour palette - for example a sheer black and an opaque black will create different hues of the same colour.I really wanted to find out more so I contacted Sara so that she could explain her inspiration and aesthetic.What was your inspiration behind your collection?
The collection was inspired by a series of black and white photographs I took with an old plastic camera. It is about contrasts and photographic imagery as well as light and dreamy layers. Furthermore it's about developing and combining knitting techniques that goes from hand knit to graphic jacquard patterns.I've always been influenced by photography but lately it has mostly been about working a photograph into a garment and create a trompe-l'oeil effect to simplify reality but also to create more abstract graphic patterns inspired by photographs.How do you start designing a collection?
I always collect images that I find interesting and inspiring and usually I pick out a few that has a certain atmosphere to base the collection on and through collages, drawing and draping I transform them into a collection.What is your design aesthetic?
My aesthetic is very technique based and about combining many different techniques and fabrics but at the same time simple. It's dark has been described as goth but I think my love for working with good quality materials gives the garments a sense of luxuryAny ideas about your next collection?
It's going to be a about lots of layers and heavy knit, beads and graphic patterns(Black and White photography by Peter Ravnsborg - Model: Lina Bjørnø. Other photographs are from the RCA show found on Sara's website)

I look forward to her next collection. I think using photography in this way is so interesting.

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  1. So interesting .. that place where simple chic mingles with more than that.

    Love "finds."

  2. Very dramatic photos.
    I love B&W photos

  3. Gorgeous collection!

  4. SO glad i read this post!
    our next photoshoot at uni has to be all in black and white, and set in a plain white studio.. was needing inspiration to make it interesting, and this is just great! :)


  5. I'm meeting up with this lovely woman tomorrow for an interview! I love her work.

  6. Ooo I will definately have to check it out! :) xxx