Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tramp In Disguise

At Vauxhall Fashion Scout I met the talented Sini Moilanen from Tramp In Disguise. I was immediately drawn in by this printed dress. Beautiful colours and almost like a kaleidoscope. The inspiration was the volcanoes - every aspect from the explosion, the dust cloud and the craters. The collection was a mix of printed silks and embellished knits.

I emailed Sini after VFS and asked her a few questions. She responded but I waited to write the post to go with the professional photographs she had taken recently. Worth the wait they look amazing. My favorites are the dress and the jumpsuit above - but they photograph really well!What is the starting point for your collection?
The new S/S011 Volcano collection is based on the fiery beauty of volcanic eruptions occurring all around our globe. An old tale tells that eruptions were caused by Pele, the beautiful but tempestuous Goddess of Volcanoes, during her frequent moments of anger. She could cause earthquakes by stamping her feet and volcanic eruptions by digging the ground with her magic stick. The Volcano collection is designed for the urban goddess of today, to show the fire and the magic she embodies.What is your studio space like?
At the moment I am working from home and I have got sewing help elsewhere. I am looking to share a studio with another designer in Brixton. Hopefully we will get that early next year.What is your favorite piece?
I have several favourite pieces, It is hard to say which is my favourite, because I have a few. I love the knitwear pieces and I like the prints, my favourite print piece probably is smoke trousers.

What can we look out for in the next collection?
The next collection is still a secret, but you can expect more printed garments and experimental knitwear. Well I have to say I am intrigued to see what comes next. But I do really like the print in this collection.

Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. I agree about the prints, I'm quite attracted to the look of the trousers which is quite unlike me, not my style at all! Great interview ;)

  2. great post! thanks for sharing~

  3. love the jumper/jumsiut..need to find me one t'ill summer again! ;)

  4. hello, love how have you been! hope all is good! long haven't heard! happy weekend! love the collection! xoxo