Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Switch over to Channel 4 at 8pm!

To watch Gok's Clothes Roadshow which will be in.... Yes you guessed it - Bristol Cabot Circus!!!

As part of the new series, Gok is on a mission to help Britain’s style-starved women and in Bristol he met three lovely - but time poor - ladies, all mental health workers in the city.

Keen cyclers Becky Lambert (32), Tors Johnson (33) and Sarah Fairham (37) had ditched fashion in favour of bike helmets and high-visibility jackets until they received a glamorous makeover from Gok - which culminated in the ladies strutting their stuff on the Cabot Circus catwalk in front of 10,000 people that had gathered to watch the catwalk finale. They look amazing!Gok took on fellow style expert Brix Smith-Start in one of the show’s most popular segments, the high street versus designer face-off. Models were sent down the runway to show off different outfits chosen by Gok - revealing his customisations to high street pieces - and Brix with her exclusive designer collection.Tune into Gok’s Roadshow on Channel 4 tonight 1st March at 8:00pm, to see Cabot Circus in the limelight and find out who comes out on top, Gok or Brix?

Enjoy!! Fashion Fantasist xxx

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