Saturday, 26 February 2011

March of the Penguins... and Friends


This is the word I would use to describe Charlotte Taylor's new Autumn/Winter 11/12 collection. Beautiful prints in mood-altering colours, bold contrasts and snippets of African, English heritage and Hungarian Gypsy inspiration.This is the third season from Charlotte Taylor and it is focused on the beautifully brave prints. Old favorites from previous collections have carried over in new colour ways. Penguins and robots are now joined by new friends - lobsters, ants and elephants. The colours are pleasing to the eye and mix soft with bright.There are huge printed scarfs - the size of duvets!! Classic silk blouses and shirts that I am yearning to own - Will make the prefect addition to my growing 'work wear' wardrobe (More on that in a later post). But they have a timeless elegance, but with quirky prints brings them bang up to date, and of course the CT headscarf is back in a big way. I am very pleased about this as I have been rocking mine recently to keep my ears warm in this lovely spring weather.The styling of this shoot is just perfect I really like the play of classical elegance in contrast to the unusual prints.

And if beautiful clothes wasn't enough... There is also a limited edition wallpaper which is to die for!! Imagine an army of penguins lining your bath room walls. I am not allowed to decorate my abode but I am tempted to buy some rolls just for when I can!I hope you love this new collection as much as I do - I will be saving to add to my head scarf some friends to keep it company in my wardrobe!

Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. it's truly amazing! like from a dreamland! xoxo

  2. Hi, I really like this post, the collection is beautiful! I love those prints, I saw Primark were doing something similar with their homeware using a horse print, i couldnt help but buy a few things. I think the colours are so vivid, when mixed with those simple prints it makes it sort of dreamlike. x