Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Bristol Rockstyle Press Event

Last Wednesday (14th July) I attended a press evening for Bristol Rockstlye hosted by Miss Bristol - Amy Willerton and H1 Hair and Beauty. I was very excited as I had never been invited to a press evening before and as my twitter followers know I had a lot of trouble deciding what to wear...but in case you are interested here is the final outfit choice.
The evening was hosted at View Art Gallery, which was somewhere I had never been. It was a great airy space and the exhibition that they had was really interesting. It was called 'Urban View' and it contained new urban and contemporary artwork from UK and international artists. Once I was there I was greeted with a glass of champagne and tables of Molton Brown goodie bags and canapes. The hosts were Tyrone Jones creator of H1 Hair and Beauty and the lovely Amy Willerton both mingling and having their photograph taken. There were photographers and models making the rounds in local designer gear. There was also a live music performance by Louis and Josh - a preview of the event.
Now to fill you in on Bristol Rockstyle... Thursday 19th August 2010 at 31 Corn Street, Bristol. Miss Bristol and H1 Hair and Beauty salon are bringing together their combined experience of the fashion and beauty business to raise money for The Variety Club through a fashion show with a difference.

The event is part of a spectacular launch party by H1 Hair and Beauty, a brand new salon which combines hairdressing, beauty treatments including a nail bar and tannin studio under one roof situated in a lovely period premises on the corner of Gloucester Road and Zetland Road. H1 Director Tyrone Jones has previously worked in the national hair and beauty media and has links with many of the country's top fashion brands.

Amy Willerton has been involved in and modelled in many Bristol and Bath fashion shows and is currently aiming to be Miss England 2010. Her younger brother suffers from a rare chromosomal disorder and sever autism and she wanted to raise money to help The Variety Club change the lives of disadvantaged children.

The professional choreographed show will feature local designers and high street brands and will include additional entertainment.

Amy said, "We wanted to put on a fashion event which will demonstrate that Bristol has talent and creativity to match that found in London but just like H1 we will make it affordable and accessible. Working with each brand we will create the essence of this on the catwalk. I wand to know and feel that the audience has had a fantastic evening. Knowing that it will also have helped less fortunate children in the UK will make all the effort worthwhile."

Tyrone added, "H1 is an exciting new form of salon. The surroundings are stunning, the atmosphere will be sophisticated yet fun and best of all - you can have the full range of hair and beauty treatments in one salon. You'll get London style treatments at realistic prices.
We wanted to have a launch party with a difference and have bought this fresh new thinking to the fashion show. We've been delighted at how many companies have jumped at the chance to show their products for such a great cause. "
I also did a mini interview with Miss Bristol/Amy just to find out what it is like being Miss Bristol, her personal style and what she wants to do next.

What is it like being Miss Bristol?
Amazing! I'm so proud and blessed to represent the city I love. I have had so many opportunities available since becoming Miss Bristol to become part of my local community and meet people from all walks of life - and use my title to benefit them in some way! I think it's healthy for cities to have positive role models connected to them - I believe in becoming the change you wish to see in the world and I want to help inspire people to achieve their dreams - As living as Miss Bristol is mine!

How would you describe your personal style compared with Miss Bristol?
I think I reflect my own personal style through what I wear when I've got my crown on! But I suppose I try to keep things a lot more neutral as I want people to be able to relate to me. I'm a girly girl and Miss Bristol gets to wear some awesome dresses - so there's no problems on my end on style alterations! I can't wait to see the stunning gown local designer Gilly Woo is creating for me to wear at Miss England :DHow did you get involved with event organising?
I have been involved with many fashion shows based in Bristol and Bath etc over the past few years and through this have gained a lot of knowledge into the organisation of events. Social networking has allowed me to make the contacts needed to make this show come to life - but boy has it not been easy!! I have been lucky in teaming up with the H1 team on this as Tyrone has been my rock with offering advice and keeping me organised! The end result will most definitely be worth it and hopefully the money raised for the Variety Club will make a massive difference to the lives of many disadvantaged children across the UK.

What do you plan on doing after your reign as Miss Bristol is over?
I've just began my gap year and my Miss Bristol reign will end in April of next year. In an ideal world I would love to be Miss England at that point and be continuing my work but on a national level! But I wont think about too much as this competition is extremely difficult and each and every finalist in her own right has a reason to win! What I will most likely do is travel - I'm desperate to see the world and I would love to do some projects abroad to help benefit other communities across the globe. Then off to university I suppose!!

Also a rather cheesy question - favorite fashion designer or shop?
Right........ I really don't know! I work at Hollister part time- and I adore the clothes there! So that would currently be my favourite shop on the days where my eyes can see through the darkness!! My favourite designer would be Miss Gilly Woo - She is an asset to Bristol fashion and has the most incredible designs with so much imagination - she will be showcasing her underwear collection at Bristol Rockstyle! I would also like to mention Charlie Crozier of Amour Fou - because her designs are so personal and carry a story always - She will be showcasing her designs at BR - and I can promise you this section in particular going to be so so exciting!!

Overall it was a really enjoyable evening!!! Aaaaaaand I got a free goodie bag! :)
For tickets head to the Bristol Ticket Shop and search for Bristol Rockstyle. Also if you wish to vote for Amy for Miss England head here!

Best Wishes Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. Well done, looks like you had a lot of fun! And there will be MANY more press events to come, I'm sure!


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  8. Thank you everyone!! Alice - I am now following your blog too!
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