Thursday, 22 July 2010


Sarah-Jayne Guest is a recent graduate from Loughborough University in Printed Textile Design. She has worked for design brands such as Elle and Selfridges and has now launched her own - SJGuest Designs. At the beginning of July I came across an interview with Sarah Guest and instantly fell for her artistic flare. Her work combines mixture of random objects in a drawn playful style. Here is a selection of her print works and soft furnishings.
I contacted Sarah because I wished to know what led her to such interesting playful outcomes and where she found her inspiration. "Lots of inspiration! The collection is called imagination, it aims to be fun and has no serious undertones. I mix together imagery from a variety of sources, boot sales, markets and occasionally the zoo. - I love the work of Alan Aldridge and Missoni. They have been strong influences and inspiration. Other than that it has really just been about having fun. - I love interiors and the ideal of making a house a home so I guess that explains the application."

Here is the chair cushions that first caught my eye in The Guardian.
Hope you have found these beautiful and inspirational - personally I like to try and find all the different objects in the prints - they are such fun!

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  1. These are definitely an inspiration! Thanks for posting some eye candy :)

  2. really liking those patterns, very nice!

  3. She definitely has talent! Love the prints.


  4. i really like these patterns! cute pillows!

  5. I know they really are beautiful! Would love the lot :) Thank you for your lovely comments! xxx

  6. thank you so much for this post, and all the nice comments! x

  7. That's ok :) You're welcome :) xxx