Tuesday, 6 July 2010

GFW Spotlight - Central Lancashire - Duong Nguyen

A little while a go I did some show posts from Graduate Fashion Week. One of my favorite collections was that of Duong Nguyen from University of Central Lancashire. I managed to get in contact with her and find out what her inspiration was. She also sent some really beautiful illustrations and working drawings. She drew inspiration from destruction and demolition and has made it beautiful.

My inspiration was based on the tragic Haiti Earthquake devastation last year. The collection encapsulates the collapsed building structures within deconstructed garments.
I have looked at collapsed buildings and adapted it into details for my dresses. Half dress, half coat garments present this idea. I have used a part of one garment and adapted into another garment to make an interesting outfit.
The print is the original research of a collapsed building. To create the print, I mixed the image with a flower pattern from a Victorian tea pot which I bought in a flea market.

I love everything about this collection from the colour pallet, the cut of the garments and the print. I have also fallen in love with the beautiful illustrations. Duong Nguyen is definitely one to watch and look out for.

Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xxx


  1. Yes it's beautiful. And amazing how she can create such stunning designs from something so tragic.

    Lovely post



  2. oh, wow, looks wonderful indeed! great work!

  3. Beautiful collection! Love the the line work :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.. and for your sweet comment!

  4. Seems like there is something wrong with blogspot - I had no idea there were any comments!!!

    @Marsinah - thank you too! :)


  5. wow! great looks, the inspiration source is sad though.

  6. It was a stunning collection! xxx