Thursday, 8 July 2010

U.W.E Final Show

Well this was a pleasant surprise! Noticed on facebook one of my friends had posted this video. It is a back stage style video of our fashion show which was on the 22nd May. What makes it even nicer is that the music track is the tune I used for my collection when it came down the catwalk. Also there are some little snippets of my collection :) - can you spot them?

Enjoy Fashion Fantasist xxx


  1. wow nicceee! love the blog btw, keep up the great work!

    ps. check out, we're new:)

  2. Love backstage videos!

    You are a designer? That's great...good luck in future :D

  3. Two Girls, One Closet - Thank you :)I will do feel free to follow mine :) xxx

    Ines - I am a recent fashion textiles graduate. I have been doing a design course for 4 years :) Not a fully fledged designer yet but giving it a go! This was our final year fashion show! :) Feel free to follow the blog xxx