Friday, 21 January 2011


I have been meaning to post about this young designer for quite some time. I discovered Hayden Williams through twitter and he is a lovely guy to talk to and talented to boot. His illustrations are beautiful. From striking catwalk models to Bratz Dollz and Barbie Hayden is oozing with talent. I have been following his body of work for awhile and thought it was time to find out more about him!How long have you been drawing for?
I've been drawing since the age of 3 and haven't stopped since! It's like an addiction... I was always an artistic child and I haven't changed now I'm a young adult!What is your main inspiration?
My inspirations when I was young was Disney movies... I would draw the animated female characters over and over until I felt they looked perfect! I was obsessed with Jessica Rabbit too. She still is an influence on my work. When I hit my teens and realised fashion was the industry I was meant to be in. I started looking at designer brands, ad campaigns, fashion collections etc. I started coming up with my own designer collections via illustration. Designer brands like Versace, Michael Kors, Gucci and Jason Wu are all influences in my work as well as illustrator/designers such Robert Best who designs for high end Barbie.Your drawings are varied - from fashion designs to Bratz and Celebs - who or what is your favorite thing to draw?
Hmm, that's a tough question!! It depends on what I'm inspired by at the time. The fashion designs I come up with have become a permanent fixture/compulsory for me but the illustrations I do of celebs etc are more of what I would call my 'IT' illustrations. I don't do them very often, but when I do... They serve the purpose for the hype and are very fun to draw! Overall though, I couldn't choose a fave thing... All of the things I illustrate are fun to do!What are you doing at the moment?
I'm currently studying Fashion Product Innovation at Ravensbourne University. I'm studying Womenswear, Menswear, Promotion and more. It's a course that will prepare me for the industry i was born to be apart of! Other than studying and doing uni work, I always find time to do new illustrations and designs to keep things fresh!!And lastly what is your favorite out of your own work?
Another tough question... I have such a huge back catalogue of illustrations that it's hard to choose a personal fave! I don't think I could choose between my illustrations/designs...
Each one I do is unique and special in their own right haha! Every time I do a new one, it's my fave of the moment!Have a browse of Hayden's work on his two blogs (blogspot and tumblr) and see if you can find your favorite. I have to say one of my favorites (one of many!) is the tapered trouser and classic white shirt combo - something about it is so graceful yet edgy.

Hope you have enjoyed Hayden's work!
Much Love
Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. I often see Hayden's name on Twitter but until I read your post I had no idea what he did... gorgeous drawings and a really interesting interview post x

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