Monday, 17 January 2011

Lu Flux

You may or may not have seen the fashion label Lu Flux and her work but it has been dotted around various blogs lately. However I have been researching ethical fashion recently for a show that I am helping to promote - Fairwear Fashion and this is how I stumbled upon Lu Flux.I was instantly drawn in by the colour pallet and the hand made quality of the imagery. With a passion for vintage fabrics and traditional craftsmanship the Lu Flux brand uses pleating, knitting and patchwork techniques to create 'eco-luxurious' garments that celebrate the romance of the 'one-off'The Spring Summer 2011 collection is called 'Over the Hills and Far Away' and was her second season at London Fashion Week. The collection was inspired by the landscape paintings of Gustav Klimt and features blues, yellows and greens. Also you will spot the occasional landscape worked into the garments. The colours are meant to emulate an English garden in spring. Ribbon and personalised toile de Joey feature alongside sculptured patchwork made up of salvaged, sustainable and organic fabrics.With abundant textures and patterns, Lu Flux's garments greet onlookers with a sense of creativity and pleasure. What I like to see is that humour is combined with beauty to create whimsical warmth that can fill the wearer with wonderful silliness.Paying meticulous attention to the methods and materials that create each garment Lu Flux strives to demonstrate the possibility of creating ethical clothing without compromising beauty.Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. I haven't heard about her before, she does some amazing pieces. Loved the title of her collection.
    Definitely going to digg a bit more about her work
    Lee x

  2. We LOVE Lu Flux, She is one of the Designers we are tracking for LFW AW11

    Ashleigh, FASHION156

  3. Lee - so glad this post has interested you!

    Ashleigh - love your post her studio looks amazing!!

    Thank you for stopping by :)