Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Crazy in Love with Amour Fou

I am super proud of Charlie Critchley Crozier - The Bristol Designer behind Amour Fou as she is a part of an off schedule London Fashion Week show that happened this evening. Unfortunately I couldn't go as I am now a working girl but here are a few sneak peaks and a little on what Charlie has said about the collections (She has shown 2!!!)What is the inspiration behind the collection?
Well I will be showcasing two collection, I've been asked to show the fantasy range again as it went down so well at Rockstyle and London would like a little splash of magic to spice up the evening. I've added an extra 4 new designs to the fantasy set. Two enchanted princess dresses expressing the little girl inside all of us. The are both inspired by the fairytale Cinderella as I have made them with a raw cut edge showing that even beauty can have jagged edges and doesn't always need to be perfect. It's nice seeing the collection on a different set of models and seeing how the dress adapts and changes with a different face and figure.My second collection came from a project I started in College and from my obsession with the planets and star system, I used to gaze at the stars before going to bed at night and sometimes wish on a shooting star for my dreams to come true.......I've been pretty lucky so far that every wish has come to fruition.My new starlight collection has at least 4,000 sequins, rhinestones and crystals. It's a sparkly, shimmery, dazzling collection for ladies who like to shine when they walk into a room. The collection has nearly every style from evening gowns, prom dresses, 60's mini, 1920's flapper, lingerie and a piece from my new summer project, bespoke swimwear. I want to show London my versatility and my ambition to create just about anything so long as it fills my Amour Fou theatrical style.How did you get involved in LFW and what is the event?
I was asked to take part in the closing party show by Julian Bennett after the success of Bristol Rockstyle. The event is being held at Amika on Kensington High Street on the 23rd of Feb to a host of celebrities and guest the likes of Bond Girl and star of Prince of Persia and Titans- Gemma Artherton for Enzoani, Jamelia , Denise Van Outen, TV Gladiators Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon, Jayne Aston and John Adeleye to take to the catwalk.

The evening will be covered by top photographers, OK magazine and Fashion TV. (Wow I will be looking out for the photographs!!)There will be three designers in total and I have been asked to show my two collections last. The other designers are fantastic. Enzoani Couture's designs take my breath away and they have a Men's designer Terence Trout.

I found out whilst in the midst of getting ready for Fashion at Bath Show so I have had to use some from the Bath collection due to time limit but I'm saving a few special dresses for the Bath show that the Miss Willertons will be wearing and have been created just for them.........I really couldn't imagine another model wearing them. I even have my ballet dancer back again for the Bath section.
What have you been up2 since finding out?
Since being asked to do LFW I won't lie, the nerves did kick in! But I've had to put the butterflies on hold and get to work. I've been expanding the two collections so I can cater for all types of people with a variety of styles. I'm hoping to go for the wow factor and that involves an outrageous amount of sequins and weeks of hand stitching. Attention to details was on the fore front of my mind throughout. I want to show London that Bristol has some raw talent out there, it may not be their usual cup of tea but who knows they just might like the taste of Amour Fou!I am so excited to see the final Show pictures and I hope Charlie had a wonderful time tonight!!!!!!

Even though I didn't go to LFW this season I have some lovely posts lined up...

Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xxx


  1. These really are fairytale dresses aren't they? I would love to try but I might not take them off;-)

  2. Reminds me of a grown up little girl dressing up box - reliving imagination of childhood but in an altogther more grown up way!! xx

  3. Great site, very impressive.