Saturday, 19 June 2010

Feeling Grey...

England's performance, the weather outside, finished uni, unsure what to do - what more can I say!?


  1. Both of those wooden wedge boots are so amazing! Love the Oscar de la Renta blouse, and the DVF shorts, grey can be so versatile and not boring if worn with the right pieces! xxxxxx

  2. always feeling grey! over 50% of my clothing is, hehe! ;)

  3. that red valentino knit is beautiful!

    love gray!

  4. Love the Valentino tshirt series, hope it influences other designers.

  5. Michelle - I know I think I need the black ones in my life! shame they are nearly 400 quid! But grey is great stable piece in any wardrobe I think.

    Some Style - Same here but alot of mine is quite old - need a good ol' revamp!

    Alexandra - I love that t shirt may make my own.

    In New York Paris Tomorrow - Yes it truely is beautiful! I like the mix of jersey and chiffon - same goes for the Alexander Wang dress! :)

    Thank you Ladies :) xxx