Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Degree Show

Well the degree show indicates the end of everything. All our hard work is over and now it is the next big step...... careers and jobs in the big wide world! Hopefully I will still post fashion related things over the summer - I will hopefully go to some exhibits, do some more outfit posts and keep you up to date with any design work I do!

However I had a lovely afternoon yesterday manning the exhibit - got told by some lovely little old ladies how talented I was and how they would wear my stuff! hehe! At least someone wants to wear it - how sweet! :)

Much Love Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. Oh that is so adorable. I'm sure that more than just little old ladies will want to wear your stuff.


  2. Hehe Thanx Ree! I hope so too! :) Looked like you had a lovely time at Ascot! xxx