Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Culture Candy

Thank you to Culture Candy for attending the show and for writing this wonderful article....Thank you for the review of my work!

Frances Poulton’s work stood out amongst the other collections that were presented for her use of surface pattern design. Whereas the majority of the young designers on show appeared to have chosen to focus upon the structure of their garments Poulton implemented repeat patterns to great effect. The designs were inspired by some research undertaken at Holkham Hall and as a result these patterns were combined with hand stitched tapestry and soft fabrics. A clean and restrained palette comprised of large swathes of white, with muted shades of blue and red, clearly referenced the resplendent grandeur of Holkham Hall creating a contemporary look without ever being in fear of regressing to that bygone era in which the hall would have been at its peak. Ultimately Poulton has managed to create a collection that retains an essence of classicism whilst managing at the same time to be forward thinking.

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