Monday, 14 June 2010


This is a very difficult post to put together as it is impossible not to be bias! This is my university and these are my friends. So instead of only showing you my favs I am going to share the whole show with you! hehe! :) This will be a very image heavy post and I apologise and will try and inject text where I can :)
Rachael Ward - Minimalism, black, sleek. Favorite piece a pair of trousers with welt pocket slits at the knees.
Emma Bergamin Davys - a really striking collection with a wonderful pleated velvet cape and interesting hats.
Emily Warren - black, leather, latex, feathers and hair - may sound a tad gruesome but an amazingly chic collection with body con shapes.
Georgina Kitchen - Interesting architectural shapes. Favorite piece has to be the body con, cut out, panelled mini dress!!
Laura Watson - a really beautiful menswear collection. It was effortlessly cool and obviously very comfortable for the models as they walked down the catwalk.
Amy Tibbs - a favorite of mine with beautiful cream, white, charcoal and grey colours.
Amber Hards - A wonderful knitted collection inspired by Jelly Fish. Frothy folds created by nylon mono-filament and Lycra knitted together.
Charlie May - a collection in muted stone and nude tones, inspired by decay. Favorite piece has to be the stone grey trousers with pockets at the side.
Alexxsia Elizabeth - lace, laser cut, strips of jersey, feathers and body con.

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