Thursday, 12 August 2010

Charlie Boots

Sleek, stylish garments with a conscience, Charlie Boots produces a feminine, flattering and versatile range of ethical clothing. The clothing is designed with timelessness and versatility in mind to prevent the season by season throw away fashion trends. She uses organic, environmentally friendly, fair trade and vintage fabrics and will only make ten items per design. Her pieces are designed to be classic pieces that can be treasured through out the seasons and are sometimes reversible to create the maximum wear from a garment. To see some of her inspiration go to the web page.
'Charlie Boots is about creating very high quality, timeless, design-led wardrobe staples that have a clean conscience. I live my life by treating others how I would like to be treated myself and this naturally extends into my business. I am genuine, honest and fully aware of the responsibilities and any impact this may have on others.'
'I use idiosyncratic pattern cutting and finishing techniques that I discover in my design exploration. These give details to a garment that you will not find elsewhere. If you add to this the vintage fabrics and a limit of ten items per design, it is not an empty claim when I say these garments are genuinely unique.'The fashion industry can unfortunately be very unethical with sweat shops, child labour, chemical use and carbon emissions... Usually kept on the Q.T. Charlie Harrison, the creator of Charlie Boots, knows where her garments come from. All manufacture is done in the UK and although this is expensive she knows every person who has a hand producing the garments and they work in a happy, safe environment and get paid fairly for the work that they do. She also supports local artisans and does not use factories. This also adds to Charlie Boots uniqueness. To see more about the ethics of the company go here!I think this is a really refreshing attitude and a stylish, sleek collection if you are at 'Vintage at Goodwood' this weekend (13th-15th) look out for Charlie Boots!!! Also for all those tweeters Charlie has a Twitter account.

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  1. How could buyers NOT get addicted to blogs ... how else can you see indie under the radar or new designers.