Wednesday, 4 August 2010

GFW Spotlight - Edinburgh College of Art - Louise Holsgrove

Now can I remind you of this cosy collection from Louise Holsgrove from The Edinburgh College of Art GFW show? Checks, furs, velvets and graphic prints made for a beautiful outdoorsey collection. I managed to get in contact with Louise to find out her inspiration and how she found the whole Graduate Fashion Experience. She sent me an array of illustrations and stunning drawn print designs along with photographs of the collection, which I am pleased to share with you!
Graduate Fashion Week has been a great experience - lots of positive feedback and exciting offers as well as some lovely coverage on the Internet - Susie Bubble included! Oh and my photograph on Vogue.. which was weird since I had no make-up on shoes on. Hmm.. While I was down there I really enjoyed seeing what other Graduates had produced - There was a really strong and diverse range of collections and work on the stands.. and I thought some of the music this year was pretty cool. I adore this outfit, the trousers are wonderful! I think the prints are also magical. Looking at them you spot something new every time. I particularly like the coloured print, can you spot the little red houses and boats on the water?My main inspiration comes from simply drawing. I am a keen illustrator and my prints are all completely hand-drawn. I am interested in the concept of Folk and Outsider Art - untaught, uncontrived or spontaneous doodling. I found that through covering garments in the busy, intricate doodles and scribbles I constantly create, I was able to produce a highly personal, unconventional collection. The twist I gave typical outdoor clothing exposed an underlying need for femininity while accommodating the nonchalance and disregard of 90s grunge. (I have a preoccupation with all things adolescent and wardrobe of relaxed, over sized layers.) The bright acid prints of this metropolis I somehow dreamt up made it quite different. Odd. I liked being able to combine my love for illustrating with the garments. As you can see she is a wonderful illustrator as well as a talented designer. I will keeping my eye open for anything Louise may produce in the future!
Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. wow, amazing detailed illustrations..looking great!

  2. I know they are amazing!!! All hand drawn! :)

  3. Love her work! Would look great as an artist piece in my house :)