Saturday, 14 August 2010

The Dairy

This is long over due and for that I apologise!!! On Friday 6th August I went to The Dairy 'A Designers Hub' Launch. Like the Press evening I have never been to a Launch Party of anything before so naturally I was very excited! I was unsure what to wear but went for the smart casual approach channeling a classic Chanel-esk style.The Venue was really interesting, tucked away amongst rows of houses in Cardiff was an old, rather large shed. Inside areas were created by vintage furniture grouped together in a homey, comfortable style. Different wallpapers and different eras of furniture made an interesting mix. It was eclectic and quirky and every time I walked around I spotted something new. (Unfortunately most of the photographs from the evening are farrrrr to shaky to use but check out The Dairy Website.) To give you an idea there were suspended church windows contrasted against fetish photography, 80's furniture with mock roman busts, camouflage and 70's bar.

On the walls there were some very interesting examples of local photographers. My favorite was Catherine Day's work. Predominately white with striking examples of female beauty - a woman with chains round her neck and another with a syringe to her face but the whiteness made it seem pure.These are the pictures that were displayed but these are from Catherine's Website. Catherine is a British photographer and retoucher. She was interested in photography since the age of five. She strives to shoot and create dark or unusual fashion and beauty images. Her formal training started at the age of sixteen. She graduated from an Editorial and Advertising Photography course at the University of Gloucester in 2008.

Other photographic work that was featured was by Alex Mills, Maria Farelly, Robert Geary and Glyn Bateman.
Robert Geary
I actually met Robert Geary during the evening and made conversation about his Burlesque photography. My favorite is the middle photograph with a mug which has the word 'Dripping' on it. Robert laughed and said it was a bit of a 'Carry On' type photograph.
Here is Robert with his work! - Almost smiling. He said he prefers to be the photographer and be behind the camera not in front!

The venue had a stage type area, sort of a mezzanine level where a jazz style band - Rhian Grundy and Band and Radio Cardiff's D.J John Lenny played music throughout the evening. It accompanied a burlesque dancer called Miss Foo Foo La Belle who did two performances... One where she started in 18th century style clothing and finished by doing the splits into a cream pie and the second she wore black and white stockings a bowler hat and feather bower. Thoroughly enjoyable and unexpected. She also features in some of Robert Geary's work. (Also there is a Burlesque event on the 29th August, Guildford Hall, Cardiff)Through out the evening young models from Kirstie Howell's Model Agency paraded around the venue in hardly anything, well underwear from Big Girls Blouse. I particularly liked the corset with cup cakes on! There was also a fashion show showcasing one of a kind designs from Poppers. The garments were by Arrey Kono and they were created by hand pleating. I met Beverley Soal owner of Poppers and Wenda James-Rowe the stylist. Who were both lovely ladies!
(Photography by Nathan Bevan of the Wales on Sunday) Wenda and Beverley
(Photography by Nathan Bevan of the Wales on Sunday)

I must also mention.... If you have a blackberry and love sparkles you need to get yourself one of these...They are bejewelled Blackberry phone covers by Crystyled Ltd. I think they are lovely! They also do headphones which look like they are very popular with the celebs!

Phew that is a long post!!! I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed the event. If you find yourself in Cardiff do pop by The Dairy they aim to change the exhibitions often and all the vintage furniture is for sale.

Best Wishes
Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. wow, how cool! love the photography! so you made it and you rocked the outfit! ;)

  2. Yeah it was a really fun evening!! xxx