Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Clogs Vs Cobbles

Welllll when Clogs first came back on the fashion scene I was very anti clogs. I think is the chunkiness of them with an open back - dislike. But I hate to say it - I have found a pair that I adore and now own! They are a lace up pair from Miss Selfridge. Just adore them, they look amazing with a pair of trousers I bought from Zara. However it seems that as much as I aesthetically love them they are hell to walk in!! I am ok on smooth flat surfaces - say indoors. But outside......

I wanted to show them off to Mr Fashion Fantasist so I wore them recently to the Harbourside Festival.... BIG mistake!!! The shape of clogs means that the 'wooden' sole is curved so I kept falling off balance especially on all of Bristol's cobbley streets. So Mr FF frightened that I was going to snap my ankles and irritated that we were walking the speed to snails bought me some lovely, flat, white tennis shoes from Primark (£2).

After that we both enjoyed the day a lot more! I am still trying to persevere with the clogs because they go with a lot in my wardrobe, but I think I will find that I will walk everywhere in my white pumps and once I get there I will sit with my lovely clogs on!

Has anyone else a fashion disaster or funny story? Do share and I might not feel so silly!

Best Wishes Fashion Fantasist xx


  1. Those darn cobbles lol! xD

    Even if you fall over or least you would be doing it in style ;D

  2. Bristol ... Banksyville. I wonder if he's doing clogs on any pieces, lol.

  3. Clogs can be tricky, especially these fashion forward designs. But they are surely adorable...

  4. I always keep a pair of flats in my car, even if it's just to drive in!

    Embracing Style

  5. i agree, was anti clogs as well, although I had a pair when I was a teenager...hehe!

  6. Thank you very much everyone! And yes Hayden I will be falling very stylishly... think those pumps may stay handily in my handbag though :) xxx