Monday, 13 September 2010

Light As A Feather

I saw this dress in the most recent Vogue in their stress free shopping supplement. It looks magical! Feathers can be irritating to wear because you find them molting on everything from yourself to those around you. But I think if it is as beautiful as this dress I would put up with a few stray feathers floating around... Who knows maybe that adds to the magic?

I do like feathery things, as I a child I used to delve into my Mother's jewellery box. She had a necklace that was made of peacock feathers that I used to delicately play with and wear - believing that I must look terribly grown up of course!

Here are a few feathered outfits to tickle your fancy... (sorry for the pun!)


  1. lovely like a bird! ;) the collage is just my kind of style! xoxo

  2. Really lovely, like a fairy tale to have a bit of feathers.

  3. Whistles? Really? Wow. Surprisingly liking the Karen Millen dress too, not seen that one before, great find!

  4. Yeah Whistles - although can't find it on the website but maybe it is available instore or only in their flagship!:) Glad you like it! xxx