Thursday, 16 September 2010

Tobacco Factory Fashion

I have some very talented Uni chums who have their work up at the Tobacco Factory (Southville, Bristol, UK). A small selection of 2D work from their final collections - illustrations, Knit samples and Print designs. I thought I would share a little bit about the designers 3D work as well and I think you should go have a look.The Designers involved are Kate Discombe, Amber Hards, Roxanne Simpson, Kat Tomsett, Vanessa Naish and Jasmine Howard-Evans.

Kate Discombe - With a passion for Print design her collection is inspired by her print work. 'Within my collection my silhouettes echoed my print designs, developing the garments in the same way as the prints themselves. My print work evolves from my sketch book, layering up pages and creating new and interesting shapes, movement within my print as well as the clothes themselves. The idea behind the collection is movement and repetition and this process translated from my 2d work into 3d. My print work involves digital, screen and discharge printing, to create depth and movement.'
The prints in this collection are really interesting mixed with clever, intricate pattern cutting.

Amber Hards - Inspired by Jelly Fish forms, texture and movement. 'Jellyfish Blooms is a knitwear collection inspired by the movement, form, colour and texture of jellyfish. Using intricate techniques with nylon monofilament and Lycra to create voluminous and unusual shapes.'Roxanne Simpson - ‘Let’s have a rave in the woods tonight’ A collection inspired by owls, wolves and deer. Earthy tones mixed with bright purple and pink hues create a pleasing colour palette which is used for prints and hand knitting. Sheep fleece was also used to make a patchwork coat. 'I liked the wild essence of the animals but I wanted this collection to look fun and colourful, and I want it to appeal to a young audience.'Kat Tomsett - 'Inspired by witchcraft, I used my own photographs and a combination of mirrors to create prints which informed the silhouettes of my garments. I wanted to create a dark yet casual way of dressing.'Vanessa Naish - Inspired by childhood memories and 18th century boyswear pattern cutting this sweet collection is intended to get better with age. Painted brush stroke prints on silk and laser cut leather contrast but compliment each other. 'I hope that with my collection each piece is beautiful in its own-right, and able to be worn forever and passed down from generation to generation looking better with age. This I believe is the only way to drive fashion forward in a more sustainable, pure and economical way.' Jasmine Howard-Evans - 'Tonight we fly' A collection inspired by escapism and aviation. Bright painted prints and strong silhouettes. 'I have formed clean, uncomplicated shapes through examining the garments of 1940’s pilots and land workers. Using durable fabrics in the same context as fine silks continues the theme of contrast found in my collection.'So I hope if you get the chance and are in the area you will pop by and take a look round the green room in the Tobacco Factory!

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  1. These are really wonderful ... love the print work.

    Bristol is on fire with talent.

  2. I am obsessed with Amber hards..
    These photos are to die for.
    Love from Australia